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General Information

How does the Exceptional Needs Dental Services (E.N.D.S.) program work?
Can anyone enroll in the E.N.D.S. program?
How do patients get referred to E.N.D.S.?
Does E.N.D.S. accept Division of Medical Assistance Programs Open Card/Fee For Service dental coverage?
Which dental care organizations does E.N.D.S. accept patients from?
What are the phone numbers for the participating dental care organizations?
Does E.N.D.S. see patients without dental insurance?
Does E.N.D.S. provide services to private pay patients?
What type of patients does E.N.D.S. see?
Which E.N.D.S. services are covered by the Oregon Health Plan (OHP)?
Does E.N.D.S. provide dental in-services?
Does E.N.D.S. make use of denturists and oral surgeons?
Does E.N.D.S. provide interpreter services?

Oregon Health Plan

What is the Oregon Health Plan?

Mobile Based Dentistry

What if the patient needs sedation prior to a mobile visit?
Will the dentist visit private homes?
How long does it take for the patient to be seen for a mobile visit once E.N.D.S. receives a referral?

Hospital Based Dentistry

Why are patients seen in a hospital based setting?
What services are included in hospital based dentistry?
How can a care provider get a patient to be seen in the hospital?
How long does the patient have to wait to be seen in the hospital?
How long is the hospital procedure?
At which hospitals are E.N.D.S. patients scheduled for hospital based dentistry?
What type of anesthesia is used for hospital based dentistry?
Whom would I contact if the patient needs sedation prior to hospital dentistry?









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