About E.N.D.S.

Exceptional Needs Dental Services (E.N.D.S.) has been in operation since 1995.  It began when the state Medicaid Program, Oregon Health Plan (OHP), introduced adult dental services as a covered benefit.  The E.N.D.S. partners developed a model to deliver dental care to patients residing in long term care facilities, group and foster homes.  The four participating Oregon dental care organizations include: Capitol Dental Care, Managed Dental Care of Oregon, CareOregon Dental and Willamette Dental. Today E.N.D.S. provides services throughout Western Oregon; from Portland to Medford, including some coastal areas.  Routine checkups are arranged for patients in over 1,200 different locations throughout the region.

Who E.N.D.S. Serves

Exceptional Needs Dental Services provides dental care for seniors and people with disabilities who are unable to be treated in an office setting. The E.N.D.S. program accommodates the dental care needs of patients who are afflicted with any number of medical conditions. Patients may have one or more of the following medical diagnoses: intellectual disability, developmental delay, Alzheimer’s, dementia, cerebral palsy, heart problems, anxiety, quadriplegia, cervical spine injury, schizophrenia, anemia, and hypertension.

E.N.D.S. History

Exceptional Needs Dental Services has been in operation for more than 23 years. E.N.D.S. has a network of 24 providers which includes: 12 dentists, 4 denturists, and 8 expanded practice dental hygienists. Currently, there are over 3,000 E.N.D.S. patients of record living in 17 counties throughout Oregon.

Over the years, E.N.D.S. has been involved in a variety of community partnerships with numerous organizations. In 2005, through the use of expanded practice dental hygienists, E.N.D.S. began to identify institutionalized OHP members who had never accessed dental care. In 2009, on behalf of Dental Outreach Oregon, E.N.D.S. participated in a pilot program with the State of Oregon’s Dental Sealant Program where expanded practice dental hygienists provided screenings and dental sealants for students in Clackamas, Lincoln and Washington counties.

Additionally, E.N.D.S. and Capitol Dental Care coordinated the initial activities of the outreach between the Coos County Public Health Department and an expanded practice dental hygienist to provide dental screenings and fluoride varnish at WIC and Head Start Programs. In 2010, E.N.D.S., Capitol Dental Care and Benton County Health Department partnered with Boys & Girls Club in Corvallis to provide dental services for low income and uninsured families. E.N.D.S. also partners with dental hygiene student programs throughout Oregon to provide oral hygiene in-service trainings for staff at long term care, foster and group homes. In 2012, E.N.D.S. partnered with OHSU School of Dentistry’s Russell Street Dental Clinic Ryan White program. These partnerships have helped identify patients in need of dental care and fostered educational programs that will result in improving the oral health of many people.

In 2011, E.N.D.S. hosted its First Annual Provider Workshop. The meeting was successful in bringing together key stakeholders which helped improve the communication that occurs between providers as well as enhance a companywide familiarity. E.N.D.S. continues to hold the workshops annually.

Services Provided

A visit by an E.N.D.S. provider can include: exams, oral health assessments, cleanings, x-rays, extractions and restorations. E.N.D.S. contracts with several mobile dentists, denturists and hygienists. Hospital-based dental services are available to patients who cannot be treated at their care facility. The Expanded Practice Dental Hygienists (EPDHs) work in care facility settings, performing cleanings and screenings for patients. E.N.D.S. also contracts with EPDHs to provide in-service training sessions to patient care providers.

Referral Protocol

Mobile and hospital-based dental services are provided to OHP members who meet the criteria and are referred by their participating dental care organization. Referrals to E.N.D.S. must be accompanied by documentation of previously attempted office treatment; including any radiographs, medical and dental history, diagnosis and treatment plan if available.


If you have questions about the services E.N.D.S. provides, please visit the FAQs page or call 800.644.1859.