“I wanted to say that I really, really appreciate Dr. Aspros. I manage an Adult Foster Care home and my residents can’t go out to a normal dental office. I think that for Dr. Aspros to do what he does and see the disabled at their home is very touching. I don’t have words to describe how much I appreciate it. “
– Lori

“My wife has lived in a Alzheimer’s Care Center for two years and was in need of a teeth cleaning appointment. Since it is somewhat difficult to take her to a dental office I called James Hayden’s office for a “mobile appointment”. I explained my needs to the office assistant who was very efficient and professional and an appointment was scheduled. Mr. Hayden and his assistant arrived at the Care Center with the appropriate equipment for the appointment with my wife on schedule. I was impressed with the warmth, professionalism, kindness, care, patience and attention to detail demonstrated by Mr. Hayden and his assistant. Their kindness and expertise while cleaning my wife’s teeth are appreciated. Her teeth look much nicer and I am sure will resist troubles in the future. I will certainly keep Exceptional Needs Dental Services’ card and phone number close by for future reference and recommendations to friends.”
– W. Dean

“We want to thank you, again, for all of the help you have given to our family – It was like a breath of freash air – a new spark in our lives to have our daughter’s needs being met so quickly – you are personal and professional.”
– Martha

“Thank you so much for your most gracious concerns regarding Tiffany. Her teeth have been a special concern for me since we have had her. I can’t express enough my appreciation for your help. Your thoughtfulness and professionalism were very comforting. Thank you.”
– Marcella and Tiffany

“Thank you to all the people at E.N.D.S. who worked on getting our son into surgery so fast. We are so grateful for all you have done. We thank you with all our hearts, and I am sure that Jon thanks you too.”
– Richard and Susan

“For almost eight years I have used Willamette Dental; Exceptional Needs Dental Services. I have five mentally handicapped adults who have an intense fear of the dentist office. Without Dr. Hayden’s at home care I don’t know what would be the condition of their teeth by now. They would not sit still in a regular office or open mouths for the dentist. It is very difficult even to get them to brush or allow me to help. Dr. Hayden’s at home care gives them a sense of security, along with his compassion and patience; all of them have beautiful smiles now. I must add the care they receive at Albany General Hospital when they need major work, is rated super in my opinion. I can’t leave out Dr. Hayden’s nurse who is always on top of things or the office staff who work on setting up appointments. I want to thank all of you for the excellent job you do.”
– Lisa

“Dr. Aspros and his assistant Alice worked in our facility today. We were so impressed with their effort and dedication as well as the service they provided to our patients. We heard them interact with a resident who didn’t want to commit to a time, and the doctor was so patient with him and gained his consent. In addition, we watched them carry in equipment, work on some patients at bedside, and deal with situations that would make some professionals crazy! We appreciate them immensely and want you and them to know it.”
– Greg and Kim