OHP Success Story – Autumn 2022

Justin is a delightful young man of 22 who was born prematurely and also addicted to heroin at birth. These factors caused him lifelong developmental disabilities. Having mentally matured to the age of around 10 or 11, he loves all things with wheels, his dog, and spending time with friends. Justin is happy, social, and is known for dressing in his all-time favorite color, green. He is passionate about cars, and he can name any model that passes as he rides with his Aunt Julia. Though he is unable to drive a car, he takes pride in helping his family by driving the lawn mower to cut their grass. He also works a part time job at a local grocery store, where he delights in meeting customers and helping them with their carts.

JustinAt 3 years old, Justin suffered a significant trauma at a dentist’s office which caused a serious fear of dental work for years to come. Tasks that require fine motor skills are difficult for Justin, so despite attempts to brush and floss often, over the years he developed many cavities and eventually a painful abscessed tooth. The extremely lengthy hospital appointment to correct all the damage to his teeth motivated Justin to be willing to face his fears and try going to a dentist regularly again for cleanings. Not long after, Justin was referred to the ENDS program, which is a partnership established by four Oregon Dental Care Organizations:

  • Capitol Dental Care
  • CareOregon Dental
  • Managed Dental Care of Oregon
  • Willamette Dental

Though seeing a dentist was still very challenging for Justin, having his aunt able to sit in on the appointment with him helped a lot. Dr. Jacob Foutz, ENDS Dentist worked with Justin and made visiting the dentist office a positive place to visit. When it became clear he would need his wisdom teeth removed, ENDS coordinated a hospital visit which included a deep cleaning as well. This visit was quick, painless and accommodating which was reassuring for both Justin and Julia. Thanks to the Medicaid dental benefits provided by Oregon Health Plan (OHP), the ENDS Program is able to connect patients in need with providers like Dr. Jacob Foutz and his staff. Justin now has healthy teeth and a lot more confidence now when visiting the dentist.