OHP Success Story – Spring 2022

Phouvong, age 66, an incredible woman, that in 1979 came to America from Laos. She and her husband fled Laos during the Vietnam War and settled in the U.S. where they raised six children while speaking limited English. She worked two to three jobs consistently to provide for her large family. Phouvong has always been a social butterfly and loves everyone. All of her life she has been known for her love of cooking, especially in making the best traditional Laotian cuisine. When asked why she enjoyed cooking so much her response was, “When my family is fed, my heart is full.”

Over the past few years, Phouvong has suffered multiple strokes and three falls which resulted in a fractured shoulder and hips. She has also been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. This complicated matters when in 2019, Phouvong was diagnosed with serious decay and infection of all her remaining teeth. It was recommended due to her medical condition that treatment be completed under anesthesia. Thankfully, her family was made aware of Exceptional Needs Dental Services, a program that is a partnership established by four Oregon Dental Care Organizations:

  • Capitol Dental Care
  • CareOregon Dental
  • Managed Dental Care of Oregon
  • Willamette Dental

Exceptional Needs Dental Services (ENDS) received a referral from the Dental Care Organization. An ENDS mobile dental provider, made a house call visit and referred Phouvong to be scheduled to have her dental treatment completed by Dr. Aspros in a hospital setting.

The results are best expressed by her loving family:

“On behalf of the family, we thank Debbie, Danielle, Dr. Aspros, others at ENDS, Providence St. Vincent, and Capitol Dental Care. We are blessed to have had the opportunity to engage with so many extraordinary people due to the dental care benefits made possible by Oregon Health Plan (OHP), and providers like Dr. Aspros. Phouvong has had all her dental needs met and is no longer in pain. We couldn’t be happier!”