OHP Success Story – Autumn 2020

Charlie, age 70, lives happily in Oregon near his children. He was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease over 10 years ago. Growing up, Charlie was an athlete and that competitive drive has helped him push forward and keep a positive outlook in life. Charlie played High School and College Football. He also received an internship at university for an Engineering degree. He later became a marathon runner and even completed a 74-floor stair climb!

Charlie’s favorite things to do are hanging out with his family and dogs, and barbequing in the backyard. He tries to go for a stroll once or twice a day, with the aid of his walker. Parkinson’s Disease has affected almost every aspect of Charlie’s life, but he says he has a great support system.  Walking and talking has become hard for him.  He has to think about each step he takes and has to focus on how to vocalize his words when he speaks.

When Charlie met with Dr. John Aspros, an Exceptional Needs Dental Services (ENDS) mobile dentist, he discovered that his teeth were not in good condition and that he would need immediate oral care. Parkinson’s Disease had made it difficult for him to understand the severity of his oral health condition. Dr. Aspros realized this and had extensive calls with Charlie’s family to make sure they understood the work that needed to be done. His family says that Dr. Aspros did an excellent job of keeping Charlie apprised of his treatment plan.

Although Charlie was very apprehensive of the dental procedures, his family reported that the care Charlie received was incredible! The family said, “Charlie’s recovery was great!  He has a huge appetite and has had a much easier time eating.  The ENDS program has helped Charlie and the family get control of his dental health and set him up for future success.” Because of the dental care benefits made possible by ENDS through the Oregon Health Plan (OHP) and providers like Dr. Aspros, Charlie is having all of his dental needs and concerns met. Charlie and his family have said that they are so thankful for this program. “We are so glad Oregon has amazing programs like this set-in place for our aging seniors and people with disabilities.  THANK YOU!”


OHP Success Story – Autumn 2019

Exceptional Needs Dental Services (ENDS) provides dental care access to individuals with exceptional needs, serving those who are functionally impaired, requiring assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADL), and are unable to obtain treatment in a traditional office setting. Dr. James P. Hayden, Jr., has been delivering mobile dental care through the ENDS program for over twenty-four years.

ENDS contracts with over twenty providers to deliver mobile dentistry services to Oregonians residing in long-term care facilities throughout western Oregon, including the Portland Metropolitan Area, the Mid-Valley, and Southern Oregon. Dr. Hayden sees all of ENDS’ special needs patients throughout the entire Mid-Valley, from Newberg to Eugene, along the coast, and everywhere in between.

Many of Dr. Hayden’s patients, their families, caregivers, and other support staff have spoken highly about the service he delivers. “I can’t imagine many people that would take on what he does.” One of the biggest things they appreciate is his promptness. “He is quick to respond with a friendly attitude to patients in pain and will phone in prescriptions on the weekend, if the need arises.”

Caregivers have also told us that after an unsuccessful visit in a traditional office, some patients feel discouraged. Fortunately, Dr. Hayden’s experience working with patients who have advanced dementia have taught him how to perform exams when even patients’ family members did not think it possible. “We don’t know what our residents would do without his services, because they can’t go out to see a dentist.” ENDS would like to take this time to honor and thank Dr. Hayden for his many years of hard work and dedication. 

The ENDS program is a partnership established by four Oregon dental care organizations:

Capitol Dental Care
CareOregon Dental
Managed Dental Care of Oregon
Willamette Dental

The ENDS Program connects providers, like Dr. Hayden, throughout Oregon to those that need it most through the dental care benefits made possible through Oregon Health Plan.


OHP Success Story – Autumn 2018

Emily, age 30, suffered from a traumatic brain injury that left her unable to speak or care for herself. In 2017, her life was dramatically altered when she was involved in a head-on collision with a bus. It was originally thought that Emily was going to remain in a coma forever. Her mother, Brenda, was always confident that Emily would recover. While Emily did awake from the coma, the accident has resulted in a life time of challenges for her.

When Emily regained consciousness it quickly became apparent that she was in a great deal of oral pain. She was refusing to eat and she would not let anyone near her mouth. Emily was referred to Exceptional Needs Dental Services (ENDS) for mobile dentistry after a traditional dental clinic was unable to accommodate her treatment needs. An ENDS provider, Dr. John Aspros, visited Emily at her care facility where he determined that he would need to treat her further at a hospital to help alleviate her pain.

Brenda says that since undergoing hospital dentistry Emily’s teeth look beautiful and that Emily has begun to allow care givers to brush her teeth, and she continues to regain the ability to eat. Now that Emily’s pain has diminished and her voice has returned she enjoys singing along to her favorite funk-rock tunes. Her smile remains visible as she proceeds through her recovery, which her mother believes will come full circle.

Brenda admits, “As a frantic Mom, I wouldn’t have known what to do about getting Emily’s teeth taken care of. I can’t imagine how I would feel if, when Emily’s voice returned, she asked me why I let her teeth rot. I don’t know what I would have done without your program.” Behind every patient is an incredibly thankful family. The care that ENDS and providers like Dr. Aspros give to patients across Oregon is vital to maintaining a positive quality of life. Thanks to the Medicaid dental benefits provided by Oregon Health Plan, ENDS is able to make a difference that radiates through our patients’ smiles and into the lives of the people that love them.